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Have you been debating whether to hire a Jacksonville wedding limo for your big day? Granted, planning a formal wedding can be quite a job, and you’ll have dozens—if not hundreds—of decisions to make along the way. You’ll have to decide what you can forgo and what you can’t live without; which touches of glamour and luxury are worthwhile and which are just too costly for your budget.

One of these important decisions will be about the advisability of hiring a Jacksonville wedding limo to transport you to and from the church and the reception hall. Certainly, it’s true that riding around in your groom’s truck would be cheaper, but take a few moments to consider some reasons why using your personal vehicle might not be the best option.

Five Reasons to Hire a Jacksonville Wedding Limo

• This is bigger than prom. We’re willing to bet you rolled up to your prom in a limo, and now that you look back on prom night, isn’t your wedding day just a shade more of a big deal than that? This is one of the most important days of your life, and a day when all eyes are on you and your groom. If there was ever a day when you deserved to feel special, it’s this.

• You’re in a distracted state. Morbid as it sounds—and we know you don’t even want to imagine such a thing—there have been cases of just-married couples getting into serious traffic accidents just after leaving the church. It’s not hard to understand why. A couple gets into a car after moments after an amazing, life-changing experience. They’re so excited by the idea of their future that it wouldn’t be difficult to miss a red light or a stop sign, possibly with disastrous consequences. Let a calmer person take the wheel today.

• That’s a big dress you’re wearing. After all the trouble and expense you endured to wind up in the most perfect dress in the world, you wouldn’t want to take a chance of it getting squashed or dirty in a regular car. Jacksonville wedding limo company Flying Eagles Limo always guarantees you a vehicle that’s both spotless and roomy.

• You might have a sip of champagne. Or, let’s face it, more than a sip! When all the work of planning the wedding is done, and all the anxiety of hoping for it to go perfectly is over, a cocktail or two might sound like a wonderful idea. But wedding day or not, the law still pertains to you. If you and your groom are drinking, you need someone else to drive.

• Be frugal some other day. You can do everything about your wedding in the cheapest possible manner if you want to, but how will you remember it years from now? Will you feel more satisfied, when you’re celebrating your 50th anniversary, to remember that you saved a few bucks, or to remember that for one beautiful day, you felt like a princess?

Flying Eagles Limousine Service VIP wedding packages includes: Red-carpet treatment, soda, water, ice, cups, napkins and a bottle of champagne and professional chauffeur.

A limo can be one of the most special and memorable details of one of the biggest days of your life. Contact Flying Eagles Limo for a Jacksonville wedding limo that gives you the royal treatment every bride deserves. 


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